We're Exploring Expansion

The Beach Village BIA is exploring expansion to include include all businesses and commercial properties between Lockwood Road and Coxwell Road. Currently, our official boundaries run along Queen Street East between Neville Park Boulevard and Lockwood Road. The expansion would move the western boundary to Coxwell Road.


We believe that all businesses along Queen Street, from Neville Park Boulevard to Coxwell Avenue, share a vision of being a premier destination for visitors and Torontonians. Let’s work together to assist in creating a beautiful, fun, clean and vibrant year-round community. Let’s plan priorities with a unified voice on policy and planning issues, a coordinated marketing strategy to support our businesses and a common approach to working with stakeholders to ensure effective public realm improvements are made.


Benefits of joining the Beach Village BIA through a boundary expansion:
• Advocating on behalf of the membership as a unified voice
• Access to funding through the Commercial Facade Improvement Program
• Access to funding through the Digital Main Street Transformation Grant
• Assistance in dealing with the City regarding policies, permits, maintenance, and construction
• Streetscape improvements parkettes, murals, public art, street furniture, pole banners & hardware, graffiti & poster removal, and seasonal floral displays.
• Connection to The Beach Village BIA brand and identity
• Participation in Beach Village BIA events, including Movie Nights and Moonlight Madness
• Website Member Directory listing
• Social Media presence
• Public Relations opportunities
• Stronger connection to the Media


If you are a commercial property owner or business in the expansion area, we want to hear from you! Please take the survey below and let us know if you support our expansion project



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