The Beach Village is working with Street ART Toronto to decorate a traffic signal box at Queen and Wineva. You may have seen these around the city. We are picking one qualifying Beach artist to paint the box!

If you want to apply to paint the box at Queen and Wineva please submit your applications to by April 27 2016. The BIA will choose our top 5 favourites and send them along to the SteetART jury for final decision.


• Artist applicants must reside in the City of Toronto.

• Artist applicants must be at least 18 years old.

• City of Toronto employees are not eligible to apply.

• Use the template provided below to propose any design concept(s). Please be aware that some changes to the design may be required to accommodate individual site requirements. Design proposals must include all visible sides of the traffic signal box, unless specified otherwise by the project team.

• Designs must not contain:

  • any representations of traffic lights, signs, or signals;
  • advertisement or promotion for any business, product,or viewpoint;
  • vulgar, profane, offensive, or insensitive images or writing;
  • any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, or images of illegal activity;
  • any attachment of any object(s) to the box.

• All designs will be subjected to City of Toronto review and approval.

• Artist signature and website cannot occupy more than ¼ of the area of the base unit.


In order to apply to the Outside the Box Program, you must submit the following materials:

1.    Application Form (click here for a PDF file version) 
2.    Template with design proposal(s)
3.    Your current artist CV or résumé (maximum 1 page), highlighting your qualifications
4.    Four (4) images of your past work, labelled with date, title, and medium 
       (please attach images to your CV – do not submit them as separate picture files)

We look forward to seeing what our community of artists can imagine.

 — in Toronto, Ontario.